Bowling Scoring System


Ten-pin bowling is a sport in which a player, or “bowler” rolls a bowling ball down a wooden or synthetic (polyurethane) lane with the objective of scoring points by knocking down as many pins as possible.


We have done a new project named Cyrus for Bowling Scoring System.

In project we have used OpenCV for image processing(detecting available pins),STM8 micro-controller for communicate with pinsetter and compute ball speed with IR sensors, 2D animated interface, C# task management, TCP/IP Socket and etc.


I think our project is unique in the bowling world because i searched a lot of in the internet and couldn’t find system with industrial touch screen, print out result, very easy to use, full color, multimedia interface and flexible.

Bowlere Interface On Screen Keyboard 4



Our system can show miss, spare, strike, split and … animation after every ball shot and show last pin-indication for help bowler.


Except bowler interface our system has an operator (administrator) interface, that could open/close lane, open/close league, Transfer Lane,Save games, Save all data in database and change other settings.



ReportNow our system is compatible with AMF and Brunswick pinsetter system.

shian(Shian Bowling Center)

Abdo Bowling Center(Abdo Bowling Center)

Syrus-S10_2(Single Monitor)


Technology used:

  • Multimedia 2D flash interface and Action Script
  • Runnable on Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8
  • C# (.Net framework 4.0)
  • C++ and Image Processing with OpenCV
  • C programming for STM8 micro-controller
  • TCP/IP sockets
  • Industrial touch screen
  • 8cm printer
  • Database
  • Reporting



Project duration: 4 month from start to end.

Our Team in project:

  • Poya Dadgar( Design iron main and camera stand , C programming for STM8 micro-controller, monitor and calculate RS422 AMF system for understand the protocol.
  • Mohsen Mehrandaz( Design 2D flash interface, action script programming and Visual basic printing.
  • Hadi Robati( processing with OpenCV,C# programming.

If you interested in this project or need more information, please feel free to contact us.