iTree is a system for management all Trees in a city.iTree contains one hardware for read the tree’s RFID tags and send it by bluetooth RFCOMM, and one software for Android system to get another information about this tree from user(for example Pest,Height,Width,Ring and etc),get GPS location and after that store information in SQLite Database, Synchronous database records with computer server using GPRS and HTTP request.

In hardware i used one AVR(Atmega8) micro-controller and HT05 Bluetooth module and one RFID module,and 2*3.7v Limit-ion Battery.

Below block diagram gives you more information:


Some picture of android software:

device-2014-03-20-110547 device-2014-03-20-110628 device-2014-03-20-110655My friends M.Aghaie is working on server side.