Paintball Target


Paintball target is a new game for those how interested in paintball and want to improve their fire speed and accuracy.

Not only this kind of game has a lot of fun but also good feeling of paintball gun.

As you see in below images, there are several targets as circle shape in the Target board, that light on for a few seconds and player/s must fire them, if the player fire into selected target, the score of player will be increment and next target will be selected until the time of game to be finished.

Also 3 Level of difficulty and one mode for training is available for operator to select, and  operator would change all settings of game such as time of game, time and point of each target and etc in Main Device.

Structure Design:

We’ve designed an stand for this project in several steps, from idea to produce.

Design Idea

First Design Idea


AutoCAD 3D design

First Assemble

First Assemble

Besides, a console for players were designed that has a board to play and show voice and time of the game.

Player Console

Player Console

Electronic parts:

For this project we’ve designed 3 boards include an sensor boards for each target, an score board for each panel and player console and a Main Board for operator that does as a master device.

Sensor Boards

Sensor Boards


STM8S003 and STM8L151 micro-controllers were used in project.

The RS485 is used to communicate between each boards and each boards will send acknowledge to each received packet.

For playing voices, we used 8bit, Mono, 16Khz WAV file in FAT formatted Micro-SD memory.

Paintball Target

Paintball Target

Project Time:

March 2015 to July 2015

Team Member:

Pouya Dadgar

Yaser Gheibi

Hadi Robati