Shelem Sheet

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Shelem(Persian: شلمShělěm), also called Rok or similar, is an Iranian trick-taking card game with four players in two partnerships, bidding and competing against each other. It is similar to Spades[citation needed] and Hokm, but bidding and trump are declared in every hand by the bidding winner. Both the name and the point structure of this game are similar to the American game Rook, there being a possible connection between the two games, although it is not clear as from which game it derives.(Wikipedia)


I have written an Android application for shelem card game named Shelem Sheet,My application helps the gamer for write scores in android phones & tables.

Shelem Sheet features:

  • Very easy to use user interface
  • Save and Load the game
  • New Game and sheet
  • Auto calculate the scores
  • Editable data
  • Support from Android 2.1
  • Settings Menu ( Save as XML )
  • Auto save on exit


device-2014-09-29-012227 device-2014-09-24-180601