VVVF elevator cabin’s door controller

Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) Lift Drive employs frequency inverter technology which regulates input voltage and frequency throughout the journey, drawing much less current during acceleration and deceleration


We’ve designed a system for elevator cabin’s door using VVVF for ASR Elevator in 2006.

Project Features:

  • 3Phase AC motor
  • Motorola MC3PHAC controller
  • 6IGBT for power switching with Isolate circuit
  • ATmega Series of Atmel AVR micro-controller
  • Codevision C
  • Board design with DXP
  • Graphical and Menus in Farsi/English
  • Shaft encoder to determine the position of door
  • Detect barrier with calculate the speed and position of door( without any other sensor )
  • RS485 interface

DarbAsansor_1-274x300 DarbAsansor_8-300x176

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Poya Dadgar

Mohsen Dadgar

Hadi Robati

Enterprise application project:

Farda Afarin Roshan, 2008